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Genetic Microdevices Limited is an independent company, that is transforming molecular analysis by means of its unique diffusion free separation technology. We are based in London England and have strong affiliations with leading research institutions in the UK such as University College London and City University. Our strength lies in our diversity of


Genetic Microdevices has developed a unique high performance system featuring diffusion free molecular separation. for the analysis of biological materials such as of proteins, DNA and small molecules. This features a low cost disposable chip and a high performance reader.

The system utilizes ...

Investor Relations

Cost effective complex biological analysis made simple.

The company offers a unique investment opportunity and has an excellent history in value creation.

We envision our technology generating substantial value for both the users and

Our Vision


We aspire to become global leaders in analytical and diagnostic devices and to sustain high growth through innovation.

Ultimately, we aim to democratise access to state-of-the-art biological analyses by dramatically reducing costs.

“QbQ Antigen Test For COVID19 and Other Pathogens”

Meet The Team

At Genetic Microdevices, we have very high aspirations to capture a significant fraction of the Medtech and Diagnostic markets.

The company is led by Dimitrios Sideris who is founder and CEO. Our Board of Directors consists of experienced, highly skilled individuals who have excelled in their field and have shown strong & lasting commitment to the vision of the company.

The commercial and technical management team is currently being enriched with world-wide leaders who forge confidence in achieving our ambitious goals.

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8 The Green
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Unit 6, Princess Mews,
Horace Road
Kingston upon Thames,
Surrey,  KT1 2SZ


8 The Green
Suite B
City Of Dover
Kent County
Delaware 19901
United States of America