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Genetic Microdevices has developed a miniature disposable device for biological analysis of proteins, DNA and small molecules.

The device involves the use of microfluidic technology and performs protein and DNA analysis in a superficially similar manner to the conventional electrophoresis method. Our technology however, incorporates unique and fully protected Intellectual Property, which enables it to perform these analyses with unprecedented resolution, speed and reproducibility in a miniature fluidic chip..

Electrophoresis is a widely used method for biological sample analysis. Nearly every laboratory, weather in the pharmaceutical industry, in forensics, in a hospital or in a university has an electrophoresis device. These devices are being used heavily in drug development and other types of biological analyses. Our device can do the same as electrophoresis 100 times better and faster. Therefore the theoretical user base for our technology is 80% of the analytical market.

One of the important advantages of the CycloChipTM is that it is a disposable microfluidic device that is cost effective to mass produce, not dissimilar to electronic integrated circuits. This means that the chips can be customized to many applications ranging from sequencing to gene expression to multi-site SNP analysis, to comparative protein analysis and the list goes on.

The technology platform is akin to a miniature particle accelerator. It involves a special microfluidic chip that allows diffusion-free closed-loop electrophoresis. To those familiar with the field, diffusion-free electrophoresis may sound as a contradiction in terms. It is precisely this aspect that makes the device revolutionary.

The technology allows:

Ultra high resolutions in DNA sequencing est: 10,000 bases (conventional technology: 800 bases)

Ultra fast separations in the chip (3 min)

Ultra high sensitivity without the use of labels (label-free).

Miniature size


This core platform can be specialized to many applications. Since the products will be based on disposable microfluidic chips, new applications can be developed simply by changing the microfluidic "circuitry" on the chip. Therefore the diversification of products is cost-effective. It should be emphasized that microfluidic systems are already marketed for various applications. Our technology however has the proprietary diffusion-free accelerator technology incorporated, making all the difference between a niche device and a highly enabling revolutionary system.

The full system consists of the chip and the reading instrument where the chip is placed into to be analyzed.


The applications can be subdivided in the areas of Drug Development, Field applications, Academic lab research, Forensics and Diagnostics.

Drug development

The main challenge of the pharmaceutical industry is the efficiency of drug compound identification and subsequent screening. Despite the fact that the R&D expenditure has increased over the years, the new drug output has decreased. There is a huge inefficiency in a cut throat competitive market. It is generally accepted that new analytical technology is needed with higher resolution, sensitivity and throughput which will accelerate the biomarker identification, compound screening and clinical trials phase of a new drug. The CycloChip provides solutions that are right in the middle of this process.

We believe that there is large added value in partnering an end user of the technology such as a pharmaceutical company.

Academic research

Academic research institutions will be amongst our first customers in the form of beta sites. The enabling capabilities of CycloChipTM will be highly desirable by every biology related research group.


Gene expression, mutation analysis and comparative analysis of complex proteomic biomarkers are key areas where the CycloChipTM can be applied. This can lead to very early detection of cancer and chronic diseases. The diagnostic sector has the largest end-user base and the disposable chips are ideal for frequent and safe use in hospitals. Each point of care can be estimated to be doing hundreds of tests per day thus sustaining revenue stream from the disposable microfluidic chips and reagents. We have already employed an expert in FDA procedures and CE marking to help us understand this process at an early stage.

Personalised medicine will require that each patient is screened for suitability to a certain drug. Our technology is well suited to perform this screening.


The Forensics government sector is continuously interested in accessing new DNA analysis technologies that can increase the cost effectiveness, throughput and accuracy of identification of Short Tandem Repeats (STRs). The CycloChip has a lot to offer to the forensics sector by allowing fast and accurate multisite STR identification.

Field applications

This can potentially be one of the biggest markets as it involves deployment of the technology in a multitude of outdoor applications. For example it can be used to track malaria or TBE strains across geographical areas. The technology can also be used to analyze biological agents in the battlefield.

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