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Genetic Microdevices exploits a unique device, the CycloChipTM, that is able to analyse biological samples, such as proteins and DNA, with high efficiency. Its applications are central and universal in the fast growing Proteomics and DNA analysis markets, which are worth several billion pounds.

Protein and DNA analyses are central to biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and it is an integral part of the modern drug development cycle. The completion of the human genome project has allowed researchers to increase their understanding of the role of genetic and proteomic processes. The old analytical technologies have allowed them to visualise a huge potential for new super effective drugs that would take advantage of the deeper understanding of biological processes. However new high-throughput, highly resolving and highly sensitive analytical instruments are needed to materialise the new advancement.

For example imagine that simple telescopes are enough to make us aware that there are planets in the solar system and this reveals the possibility that we could travel to them. However we need much more advanced telescopes to see exactly how the planets look like and how their surface looks like so that we can really travel and land on them.

There is a large market need for technologies that feature high resolution, high throughput, high reproducibility and are cost effective at the same time. Genetic Microdevices Ltd. aims to deliver a unique device that substantially satisfies many of these needs.

The CycloChipTM device involves the use of miniature disposable technology and massively outperforms conventional (and universal) electrophoresis method.

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Our technology incorporates unique and fully protected Intellectual Property, which enables it to perform the bio-analyses with ultra high resolution, speed and reproducibility in a miniature disposable device.

Electrophoresis is a widely used method for biological sample analysis. Nearly every laboratory, weather in the pharmaceutical industry, in forensics, in a hospital or in a university has an electrophoresis device. These devices are being used heavily in drug development and other types of biological analyses. Our device can do the same as electrophoresis 100 times better and faster. Therefore the theoretical user base for our technology is 80% of the analytical market. Even with much smaller market penetration (say 1%) the company will be worth billions of dollars.

More importantly, the income of the company does not depend solely on selling instruments. On the contrary we have a proprietary application-specific consumable: The disposable microfluidic chip. This is the cartridge where the biological sample is placed and where the analysis takes place. In marketing terms it is similar to an ink-jet printer. The important part is not the printer itself but the ink cartridge that goes in it. That's where most of the revenue comes from. Our CycloChip technology is fit for this kind of exploitation that will ensure stable long-term income even when the instrument base has been saturated.

Market Share

The original plan was to build a demonstrator in 3 years. Currently we are at the end of the second year and the principle has been proven with impressive results. We are fully on track to produce our first real application device. Our first contacts with large pharmaceutical companies have been very promising. The comments were that the technology has fantastic potential applications for them.

We have been awarded the prestigious 'Exceptional Research and Development Grant' from the London Development Agency to aid the prototype development.

We have raised investment worth 800,000 to cover the construction of a prototype over 3 years. We are collaboration with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London and we are being advised by a world leader in microfluidics, Professor Andreas Manz.

At completion of the demonstrator we intend to raise 2nd round funding and rapidly expand the company, by acquiring (or contracting) the necessary specialised resources, including instrument and microfluidic manufacturing, distribution and marketing. Additionally we will strike a joined development deal with a large partner/end-user in order to achieve fast market penetration and thus an instant market position.

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