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Genetic Microdevices Limited is developing an advanced system that performs extremely efficient DNA and Protein analysis. Our company is based in London England and has strong affiliations with leading research institutions in the UK.

Our proven core technology dramatically increases resolution, sensitivity and throughput of electrophoresis based microfluidic systems. For those not familiar in the field, microfluidic "chips" are disposable miniature devices that can perform biological analyses in a convenient user-friendly form. One of the traditional bottlenecks of this kind of technology is that the analytical power of these small devices lags behind larger devices. Our technology removes these bottlenecks, allowing extremely resolving and sensitive miniature devices.

However the technology also outperforms massively larger devices making it truly revolutionary.

Our technology is proven and we are seeking for partners who will be end-users of our first product. They will be the first ones to benefit from the performance boost our technology will offer to drug development, diagnostics, proteomic and genomic analysis.


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